The Gold Coast War Museum & the 4 RAR Museum Annex.

The Gold Coast War Museum was established in 1975. It is located on John Rogers Road, Mudgeeraba, Queensland.
Over the past 40 years the Museum has grown to one of the largest collections of Militaria in Australia.

Since 2008 the 4 RAR Association, Qld Inc has officially supported the efforts of Bob Meehan OAM, a former 4 RAR member and now the honorary volunteer curator of the privately-owned Gold Coast War Museum at Springbrook, Qld. Prior to 2008, on-call Association members assisted Bob in a volunteer capacity but 4 RAR’s Wally Greico and Alan Price have become Bob’s 2IC’s as volunteer curators and tour guides.

The 4 RAR Association, Qld Inc sponsors the RAR and 4 RAR displays and association members assist in gaining historical items and establishing and improving displays as well as providing volunteer tour guides for visiting schools and other group attendances as required. As well as large static displays, Bob has constructed about 30 historical portable displaysof all Australian involved conflicts from the Boer War to Afghanistan. A ‘Huey’ helicopter is now on display and is the main attraction at the moment, especially for visiting students.

The 4 RAR, RAR and other selected displays referred to as the ‘4 RAR Museum Annex’ are, and will, remain the property of the 4 RAR Association, Qld Inc and are a separate entity within the Gold Coast War Museum. Bob has the added task of Curator of our museum and Wally Grieco has joined him.
Although a separate entity, for ease of display and historical significance the 4 RAR Museum Annex is shared amongst some of the the exhibits and cannot be identified as a unique, separate display.
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4 RAR Annex at the Gold Coast War Museum
4 RAR Colours
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We Will Remember Them
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