Military Medal
Private Roy Anderson was a member of 4th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment and was posted as a rifleman with 9 Platoon, C Company. The Battalion was deployed on active service in the Sarawak District of Borneo, East Malaysia.

Private Anderson was a member of an ambush party of ten men sited to cut off a party of enemy of the Indonesian Army which was being followed up after an earlier contact.

At about 1740 hours on 15 June 1966, the enemy appeared unexpectedly at the rear of the ambush. Private Anderson was one of the two soldiers able to bring fire to bear. His fire killed one of the leading enemy. The remaining enemy took cover fifteen paces from Private Anderson. The officer commanding the ambush and the non-commissioned officer present were pinned down by enemy fire and were unable to move to a position to control an assault. Private Anderson was in the best position to control an assault. He interpreted and passed on his platoon commanderís orders. When the six soldiers able to move arrived in a position to assault from the right flank, he calmly and confidently controlled the assault. He organised them into extended line and covered their movement by fire and by throwing grenades.

He realised that the machine gun was not in the best position so he crawled forward under fire, took over the machine gun and moved it to a better position. His actions and example contributed greatly to the success of the operation in which four of the five enemy were killed. Circumstances placed him in a position of unexpected responsibility and danger from a determined and brave enemy. He was under enemy fire for over 30 minutes. During this period, his leadership, actions and bravery were in the highest traditions of the Service and were an inspiration to all.
Military Medal [MM]
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