This page provides links to historical (or should that be hysterical) stories, articles, speeches and memories contributed by former members of 4 RAR.
Importantly, it also includes some significant events in the history of 4 RAR and tributes and awards to 4 RAR soldiers told by those who served with them.
Please enjoy the stories that are presented. They may be about your mates, your section, platoon, or company. They are certainly about  the history of 4 RAR, the Fighting Fourth, and personnel who served in the battalion.

A note about contributions.
Contributions are sought and welcomed. Literary genius is not required, just put pen to paper, write and submit. All histories should be as accurate as possible but in some cases, having regard for the passage of time, it is realised that mistakes may be made in details. This should not be a concern.
If photographs are included, they should be accompanied by a brief description of the location, the activity and the names of those shown. Original photographs and maps, etc will be returned at the request of the sender. Those original photographs and maps, etc not requested to be returned may be passed to the 4 RAR Museum for public display and the recording of the history of 4 RAR.
With the permission of the author, all articles submitted from a particular state may be offered to that state’s 4 RAR Association for inclusion in State Association newsletters prior to being posted on the website.
All contributions are subject to editing and it is requested that where the naming of people might embarrass, or in the case of former members of 4 RAR (Cdo), or those currently serving in 2nd Commando Regiment, might possibly identify them, that names be omitted.
As it is not intended to offend anyone accessing this site, especially school children, all words considered offensive will be edited.
So the rules are simple : Absolutely No offensive, vulgar, discriminatory, racial, hateful or otherwise distasteful content. It won't be  tolerated.
Submission of stories & anecdotes.
All articles must be submitted to :
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4 RAR/NZ ANZAC 1st tour 1968/69
4 RAR/NZ ANZAC 2nd tour 1971/72
Recommended reading for anyone interested in 4 RAR's involvement in Vietnam.

These books were written by serving members of 4 RAR/NZ ANZAC during its two tours of duty to South Vietnam. They provide a first-hand record of their experiences; their operational patrols; the often satirical humour that sustains morale ; the conditions in which they fought; the shared grief of the death of a mate; and through an array of images.
These hardcover books are available, in limited numbers, for the SALE price of $60 each plus $15 postage each. These books make excellent gifts to family members, local schools and libraries, and broaden understanding within the community of the Battalion's proud history.