Leading up to ANZAC Day many schools visited the Gold Coast War Museum where they complete a study programme which is evaluated by school staff. The students have to find the answers to approximately 20 questions as they study the displays. Bob Meehan has installed a light show on the battle of Long Tan diorama which displays the locations of the various platoons and supporting arms at various times during the battle. This and the 4 RAR display attracts quite a lot of attention both from the school students and general visitors. We have had two donations of photos, equipment and uniforms from 4 RAR members and more from interested people. Juanita Bakker, the sister of “Wheelbarrow” Albrechtsen (who died in 2000) has donated his photo album and Shane Walker, 4 RAR (Cdo), has donated quite a lot as have others. Thank you to all families. The association has gathered a lot of photos which will be given to Bob and which will also displayed on the web site.

ANZAC Day has come and gone but it was a wonderful time for us.

On Wednesday 13 April we were invited to present the ANZAC Day speech to the Mitchelton High school in Brisbane and Alan presented a moving speech to the students. Clive Clewley our vice president and Derek Firth our welfare officer also attended. The students put on a wonderful presentation that paid tribute to two of their old boys who were killed in action in South Vietnam. Mrs Chris Martin and her husband Bill, attended as they do every year, honouring Chris’ brother Vic Petersen one of the old boys and who served with us in South Vietnam. Vic’s father was a teacher at the school for many years and in fact marched with us at the Brisbane reunion in 1994. Chris and Bill are stalwarts of the association and attend most functions and were present at the Gold Coast reunion. After the service we shared morning tea with the teachers and students.

The Dawn Service was again conducted at the Royal Australian Regiment National Memorial Walk and after all battalion representatives laid wreaths, a new commemorative stone was blessed and dedicated.

ANZAC Day in Brisbane saw many units marching with reduced numbers. The average was about 40 per RAR battalion. We managed to share the march with about 45 members, including Jim Roberts who came from Kempsey to share the day with us as he always does, Bill Field who travelled from Sydney and Des Aylett who travelled from Mareeba in Northern Queensland. Shane Walker a former 4 RAR (Cdo) member with 4 tours of East Timor under his belt also joined us and added to the occasion. The reduced numbers marching because of the Easter holidays were more than made up by the crowd, one of the largest that we have experienced. They were even six deep at the finish point. The applause lasted for the entire time of the march without decreasing at any stage.

After the march we rejoined at the Murphies Irish Pub, the old Treasury, and continued the day. Because we had booked a private function but numbers were down, we invited members of the 20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery to join us. The food that we had ordered was inadvertently given to an RAAF association group and it took quite a while to sort that out but the Arty members kept us occupied with a game of two up. At the end of the gaming programme they gave us some of the takings from the centre as a donation to our association. They gave us $150 and another $100 plus to the charity of choice of the hotel. What a marvellous gesture and we thank them very much.

Wednesday 27 April saw us invited once again to the Helensvale Primary School as guests at their ANZAC Day celebration, held over because of the Easter holidays and Alan, Spin Woodbury our secretary and Joe Dvoracsek another of our welfare officers, attended. We enjoyed lunch with the principle and staff and then Alan spoke to the children.

We have been invited back in early June to ask the Year 7 students to write letters to members of 2 Cdo Regt serving overseas.

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