Brian Charles BARLEY
Military Cross
Lieutenant Brian Charles Barley graduated from the Royal Military College, Duntroon, on 15th December, 1965.  After a posting in New Zealand he joined the 1st Battalion, The Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment in Malaysia from whence he was posted to active duty in South Vietnam, on 15th December, 1967.

Since his arrival in South Vietnam, Lieutenant Barley has, by his determination, aggressive outlook and complete disregard for his own safety, inspired his platoon to perform in a most exemplary manner. 

On 12th March 1968 when returning to an ambush position from the company base with two members of his platoon, he observed four enemy preparing to fire a claymore mine near the perimeter of the company base.  Considering only the safety of the people in the base, Lieutenant Barley and his two riflemen attacked the enemy group, killing one and wounding two.  The mine exploded harmlessly in the air.

As well as successful contacts and ambushes, Lieutenant Barley on three occasions mounted immediate assaults on occupied enemy camps which were all captured without loss to his platoon.

On 2nd August 1968 Lieutenant Barley was wounded in the head by enemy rocket shrapnel but insisted on remaining with his platoon till the contact had ceased.

Lieutenant Barley’s constant aggressive spirit in the face of the enemy has had a remarkable influence on his men.  His concern for others and his disregard for his own safety reflect credit upon himself, his unit and the New Zealand Army.
Military Cross
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