Wayne Lawrence BROWN
Military Medal
Corporal Wayne Lawrence Brown, a National Serviceman, was enlisted on 20 April 1967 and was allotted to The Royal Australian Army Medical Corps. He was posted to the 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment on 02 February 1068, as a Medical assistant. He arrived in South Vietnam on 01 June 1968

On 16 February 1969 during Operation Goodwood, B Company was heavily engaged by small arms, machine gun and rocket fire from an enemy concealed in bunkers. Two soldiers of B Company were killed and a number of others wounded. A supporting Troop of tanks was called forward and they immediately came under heavy RPG rocket fire.

Corporal Brown moved forward from a relatively safe position to the area closest to the enemy where the B Company casualties lay. This area was being swept by intense enemy rocket and machine gun fire. Corporal Brown was blown to the ground by one rocket burst but continued to move forward and rescued the wounded.

At this time the left forward tank of the Troop was heavily damaged and all crew members were wounded. Corporal Brown assisted in the evacuation and treatment of these casualties and escorted them back to a helicopter site in the rear of the company position. At this location, he continued to tend to the wounded until they were ready for evacuation. He then returned to the company headquarters, which was still under small arms fire, to see if he could be of further assistance.

During the whole period of his tour in Vietnam, Corporal Brown displayed professional skill and compassion in his treatment of wounded soldiers. His unfailing devotion to duty and personal courage have brought great credit to himself and The Royal Australian Medical Corps.

Military Medal [MM]