John Lindsay BURNS
Second Lieutenant
Mentioned In Dispatches
Second Lieutenant Burns commenced his National Service obligation on 02 February 1966. He graduated from the Officer Training Unit on 13 October 1966 and was allotted to the Royal Australian Artillery. He commenced his service in South Viet Nam on 11 December 1967 with 4th Field Regiment and from 14 April 1968 continued with 12th Field Regiment.

On 23 July 1968, Second Lieutenant Burns was acting as an artillery forward observer with V Company, 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, operating in the Hat Dich area of Phouc Tuy Province.

During an assault on an enemy bunker system the leading sections were halted and pinned down by accurate and heavy small arms fire from a range of twenty metres. Second Lieutenant Burns positioned himself fifty metres from the enemy and with calmness and fine judgement, knowing the danger to himself, he adjusted the fire of the direct support battery until the nearest rounds were falling on the enemy positions. The artillery fire enabled the withdrawal of the forward sections of V Company without further losses.

Second Lieutenant Burnís bravery and calm judgement in this and other actions during his tour of duty instilled great confidence in the infantry he supported.
Mentioned In Dispatches
shown on Vietnam Medal ribbon
Royal Australian Artillery