Kevin Michael BYRNE
Second Lieutenant
Mentioned In Dispatches
Second Lieutenant Kevin Byrne graduated from the Officer Cadet School on 12 December 1969, and was allotted to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps. He joined 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in August 1970, and arrived in South Viet Nam with the Battalion on 22 May 1971.

At approximately 1400 hours on 03 July 1971, in Phouc Tuy Province, Second Lieutenant Byrne’s Platoon made contact with elements of 1st Battalion, 274 Regiment, entrenched in a bunker system. During the battle, the leading section of the platoon suffered heavy casualties and was pinned down by heavy automatic and rocket fire.

Despite the intense fire, Second Lieutenant Byrne continually exposed himself to lead and encourage his men. When reinforced by a troop of armour, Second Lieutenant Byrne calmly and competently directed the fire of the tanks onto the enemy positions, thereby enabling the attack to succeed.

Throughout the engagement, Second Lieutenant Byrne displayed great personal courage and by his skilful use of supporting armour, his steadfastness and professional competence in a critical situation, he significantly contributed to the successful outcome of the battle.

Mentioned In Dispatches
shown on Vietnam Medal ribbon