Thank You messages received by a member of 4 RAR Assoc, Qld

Dear Derek,

First let me introduce myself. I am [
name suppressed by webmaster for obvious security reasons], I am normally based in your back yard, Brisbane; however am overseas at the moment working with our UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). As you would have guessed I am also the lucky recipient of the very generous parcel you have arranged with the support of your local outlets.
I received the parcel yesterday which made it feel like Christmas, I wanted to send this email to let you know it did arrive safely, just a little later then you hoped. No doubt it is sooner and quicker than anything you would have had the luxury of in your time. As fate would have it I share a room with another girl in [
suppressed] who was lucky enough to receive another of your great parcels. The parcel, with the support you received from the locals, was very useful (no doubt your experience helps in knowing the real morale boost items!) and very much appreciated. The support from the Australian people and businesses is appreciated. As you would know it is the little things that make it worthwhile.
I must be off to do some work; however again thank you very much and I will attempt to send a letter of thanks also, time permitting.

Kind regards
name suppressed for security reasons]

Dear Derek,

A very happy New Year to you. I hope that this letter finds you well! My name is [
name, rank and operational location suppressed]. My primary duty is the mental health of all boots on ground here, something that I take pride in. I was the lucky recipient of your Christmas parcel and would like to thank you for taking the time to do so such a lovely and much appreciated gesture. It is always a moral boost to receive something from home, but there is something very special about a stranger taking the time to think of you.

Christmas here was a wonderful day, thanks to people like yourself. There was a parcel for each soldier and we even had a roast lunch. It was fun to see the CO pouring gravy onto the troop’s meals! We are certainly proud to continue the tradition of people such as yourselves who spent many special events a long way from home. When I think of the conditions you would have endured in Borneo, I consider myself lucky.

It can be very cold here and we are a long way from anywhere friendly but our beds and rooms are dry and the food is fresh (No doubt the ration packs in your day left a lot to be desired!). We are bracing for the coming depths of winter. We have had the test (cricket) on the TV so all is not lost!

Again my sincere thanks for the effort you have made, rest assured it is deeply appreciated as well as the efforts of the 4 RAR Association.
Best wishes

To Derek and everyone who sent parcels, you can be assured that they were greatly appreciated by our troops and boosted their morale, as the message above testifies.
Well done!
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Christmas parcels to our troops
11 January 2010
4 RAR Associations of Australia