4 RAR Firsts
4 RAR can lay claim to a multitude of firsts, and significant lasts.

It was the first battalion to have a commanding officer who preceded all addresses to the battalion by asking,
Can you hear me up the back?
The first battalion of the RAR to be raised on Australian soil.
The first battalion to involve Padres of all denominations in a dedication service.
The first battalion to train for helicopter insertions and extractions.
The first battalion to wear the newly issued Summer Service Dress in 1965.
The first, and only, battalion officially allowed to have a bearded member.
The first battalion where the CO knew every member and their wives by their first name.
(At times, this was not a good thing!)
The first battalion to wear the American combat jacket.
The first battalion to institute the battalion game of,
“Nominated Sergeants, Corporals and Privates; On the command . . . . Change shirts! . . . . Change shirts! . . . . Change Shirts!”
The first battalion to institute a Corporals’ Club.
The first battalion to introduce a SPU Club.
(Sports Personnel United Club)
The first battalion to have an identifiable dummy as a member of the Sergeants’ Mess. (OK you 'nashos', be truthful. Not all Sergeants were dummies!)
The first battalion to have seven sets of brothers serving at the one time.
The battalion that did not go ashore in Borneo on the 25th April. That day belonged to the original Anzac warriors.
The last battalion out of Borneo in 1966.
(OK, it wasn't a first, but it deserves inclusion.)
The first battalion to have under command, Gurkhas and SAS at the same time.
The first, and only, battalion to be awarded the privilege of wearing the 99 Gurkha Brigade tie.
The first battalion to employ its Administrative Company as a rifle company through the Battle Efficiency course at the Jungle Training Centre prior to departing for South Vietnam.
The battalion that spent more than five continuous months in the field in South Vietnam.
The last battalion to engage the enemy in South Vietnam at the battle of Nui Le.
(Another deserving inclusion.)
The last battalion out of South Vietnam in 1972. (Another deserving inclusion.)
The first regular Commando Battalion to be raised in the Australian Army.
The first battalion of the Regiment to be awarded the Unit Citation for Gallantry.

Doesn't it make you feel proud to say "I served in 4 RAR".
Beside these 'firsts', 4 RAR is also known for its spirit of keeping its warriors, past and present, informed and in putting the welfare and issues concerning members of the 4 RAR 'family' first.

Every member of the battalion, past and present, is, and always will be, a special member of the
4 RAR 'family'.

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4 RAR spirit alive and strong . . . ENLIST TODAY !

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