A newly promoted Sergeant is appointed as his sponsor and at all formal dinners the sponsor sergeant eats and drinks on SSgt Frank N. Stein's behalf. SSgt Frank N. Stein is now a qualified parachutist and commando having passed all the qualifying tests as undertaken by his nominated sponsor. SSgt Frank N. Stein wears the medals of all 4RAR campaigns, the commando parachute wings and the green commando beret.

Staff Sergeant Frank N. Stein has been wounded in action in Iraq. He was attached to the front of one of the 4RAR (Cdo) patrol vehicles (as a forward observer) when the vehicle, whilst on patrol, was forced to brake suddenly. As Staff Sergeant Frank N. Stein was only secured by the bottom half of his body, the top half did the soldierly thing and immediately went to ground, rolled, observed and took up a firing position. Although visibly shaken and stirred Staff Sergeant Frank N. Stein fully recovered from his wounds and after receiving first aid on the spot and later at the RAP (not the Regimental Aid Post but the Rapid Acquisition of Parts) he returned to duty. Staff Sergeant Frank N. Steinís actions that day exemplify the standards required of a 4RAR warrior and in particular a 4RAR (Cdo) warrior. Unfortunately his citation for gallantry was refused as at the time he was Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL) from the Sergeantsí Mess.

Staff Sergeant Frank N. Stein was once kidnapped by the Special Air Service Regiment who demanded a ransom paid for his return.

Staff Sergeant Frank N. Stein has attended several of the Battle of Nui Le Dinners hosted by the 4RAR Association, Qld. At one of the dinners he caused some consternation when it was discovered that the organisers had placed him on the official guest list and on the seating plan but had not included him in the numbers for dining and had not organised a host.
Staff Sergeant Frank N. Stein
Submitted by : Alan Price
SSgt Frank N. Stein wears the medals of all 4RAR campaigns, the commando parachute wings and the green commando beret.
Staff Sergeant Frank N. Stein was gifted to the 4th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment Sergeantsí Mess by two of the original members of the Battalion when it was formed in 1964; Sergeant Noel (Horror) Huish and Staff Sergeant Frank (Cranky Franky) Galvin. 

It is told that one night in the 4RAR Sergeantsí Mess at Woodside SA in 1965 just as dawn was breaking, SSgt Galvin and Sgt Huish were discussing the chain of command within a rifle company and how it might be improved. It was agreed by both that the operational chain of command progressed downwards within the Sergeantís Mess from the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) to the Company Sergeant Majors (CSM) to the Company Quarter Master Sergeants (CQMS) whose rank is Staff Sergeant, down to the Platoon Sergeants. They then agreed that if a Sergeant within the Sergeantsí Mess had a problem he should be able to freely voice that concern to his CSM but this posed a problem. It is the duty of the CSM to keep his company commander informed so there was a chance that a sergeantís problem might not remain confidential. (This thought process may have been initiated by Sergeant Bundy and Sergeant Coke)

They then decided that as the CQMS (Staff Sergeant) was a little outside of the immediate operational chain of command, that a sergeant should be able to voice a problem or concern to his CQMS rather than his CSM, without recourse or retribution. They then concluded that should a sergeant have an immediate personal and private problem and a staff sergeant was not present in the mess, then the problem could not be immediately addressed. This could cause a breakdown in morale. (Another logical thought process perhaps initiated by Sergeant Bundy and Sergeant Coke.)

They then decided that as responsible members of the Mess that they would together, provide a Staff Sergeant who would live in the mess, be always available and would always keep the concerns of a sergeant confidential. Some time later SSgt Frank N. Stein arrived and took up residence in the bar of the Sergeantsí Mess. He now lives in his open display case (coffin) on the wall of the Sergeantís Mess where he is available twenty four hours a day to listen to the concerns of Sergeants. He will never be promoted because as a Staff Sergeant, the Sergeants know that he will keep their concerns, complaints, bitches and late night mental meandering confidential.
Customs associated with SSgt Frank N. Stein include that he attend all Sergeantsí Mess activities and many Battalion activities, appropriately dressed.
Attending a Church Service
Sharing a laugh with his subordinates
In uniform, he's irresistable to the ladies
"I Love You"
Holding his own with the big boys
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Sorry Staff Sergeant