James Ross HARDIE
Staff Sergeant
Mentioned In Dispatches
Staff Sergeant Hardie enlisted in the New Zealand Army on 14th May 1959.  After postings in the Royal New Zealand Artillery and the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment he was posted as Company Quartermaster Sergeant of Whisky One Company for its tour in South Vietnam from November 1967.

Staff Sergeant Hardie displayed enthusiasm, drive and professional ability of a very high order.  His cheerful attitude and willingness to assist others made him an outstanding Company Quartermaster Sergeant,

From time to time Staff Sergeant Hardie was selected to act as a platoon commander in Whisky One Company, during the absence of officers posted in that capacity.  During March 1968 in such capacity his platoon contacted the enemy on two occasions and his competent leadership, his personal example, and his sound tactical control resulted in several enemy being killed and two taken prisoner.

Staff Sergeant Hardie has proved himself to be outstandingly competent in his own job, and admirably effective in other capacities and his devoted application to the welfare of the company during its South Vietnam tour is worthy of recognition.
Mentioned In Dispatches
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