4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Operations
Operation Innamincka
Dateline : 7 September to 12 September 1968

Duration :  6 days
Outcome :  4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) troops - nil
                     Enemy                                   - 1 killed, 1 wounded
Operation Innamincka started with a cordon and sweep of Nui Nhan against a suspected enemy camp and then became a battalion reconnaissance in force further west in AO Illbillee.
Prior to the operation, C Company was relieved on the Horseshoe by D Company, so deployed were B, C, V and W companies.

The battalion plan was for C Company to block to the west of Nui Nhan after moving from the area of Nui Nghe, where it had been operating. V Company was to block to the east and W Company to the north. B Company was to sweep the feature from the south.

104 Field Battery deployed to FSPB Dagger, near the village of Ap Suoi Nghe, and battalion headquarters remained on top of Nui Nghe.

The blocks were to move into position under cover of darkness, following deceptive moves by V and W companies which involved a roadrunner operation and the setting up of a dummy fire support base.

All blocks except C Company were in position well before first light. C Company had encountered particularly heavy vegetation and the sweep was postponed until it had moved into position.
There were two minor contacts during this phase, one involving V Company which killed a local force VC and wounded another.

When B Company moved on to the position there was neither sight nor sound of the enemy. In fact there was little concrete evidence he had ever been there.

V Company flew to the western edge of the AO and B Company moved south, while C and W companies commenced sweeping south-west.

W Company made minor contact, but the other companies saw and heard nothing of significance.
The operation finished on September 12 with a fly-out to a new AO for Operation Hawkesbury.

Extract from 'Mission In Vietnam', published by 4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Bn for, and on behalf of, all ranks.
Edited by Lt J R Webb
Assisted by Pte L A Drake.
Map overlays drawn by Cpl R Strong, Pte M J Cash and Pte T J J Egan.
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