10IRC and 311 Raider Battalion
The little known history of these two units
Article courtesy of
Alan Price
D Company, 4 RAR/NZ
ANZAC 1968/69

The country of Kamaria had long regarded Australia as the land of milk and honey. Over the years Kamaria had looked jealously at Australia's natural resources, especially it's coal, oil and gas holdings.  Kamaria, with its ever expanding population estimated at 55 million and its diminishing natural resources, faced financial ruin and unable to borrow more money from the World Bank to prop up its economy, finally …… invaded Australia.

Kamaria’s stated intention, according to UN sources, was is to invade, occupy and settle the remote and sparsely populated area west of a line drawn between Darwin and Perth. This land of course included the mineral rich Kimberley region and the off shore oil resources of central Western Australia.

Australian Defence Force chiefs were concerned that if Kamaria was allowed to hold any occupied land for any length of time during subsequent and protracted peace talks, world outrage against the Kamarian invasion might soften and international opinion therefore, might favour the Kamarian occupation and settlement.

Military and government intelligence agencies suspected that the Kamarian 311 Raider Battalion would attempt raids and large scale attacks on military establishments along the Australian eastern seaboard in an attempt to disrupt the military supply lines to the west.

Up until 1973, companies from battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment were rostered to the Jungle Training Centre in southern Queensland to act as demonstration and enemy troops for units and courses undergoing training. In 1973, the 10th Independent Rifle Company (10I RC) was raised as a permanent demonstration company for the Jungle Training Centre and placed on the Order of Battle of the Royal Australian Regiment.

Until the late seventies, 10I RC was given a variety of ‘enemy’ names and wore a mixture of Australian and foreign uniforms so as to be identified as ‘enemy’ by those undergoing training.

In order to provide an identifiable and realistic enemy for units undergoing training at The Jungle Training Centre, later to be renamed The Land Warfare Centre, 10I RC adopted a secondary role as the fictitious 311 Raider Battalion of the fictitious Kamarian Armed Forces of the fictitious country of Kamaria whose intention was to invade Australia. 311 Raider Battalion was issued its own uniforms, rank system, badges of rank, identity card, operating procedures and propaganda material. 

10I RC and 311 Raider Battalion proved their worth and earned the respect of all who worked with them or came up against them. Many of the soldiers posted to 10I RC came straight from Corps training and many marched out on promotion to battalions of the Regiment.

Whilst 2 RAR and 4 RAR were linked together as 2/4 RAR, 10I RC RAR wore the Infantry Scarlet lanyard on the left shoulder as did 4 RAR before them. That perhaps helps to explain some of the antics of some members of 10I RC and 311 Raider Battalion.

10IRC soldiers and junior non-commissioned officers dressed as Kamarian officers took great delight on being saluted and addressed as ‘Sir’ by unknowing Australian and foreign students at The Jungle Training Centre.

A 10I RC private soldier dressed as a Kamarian major was even invited into the Officers’ Mess and enjoyed the hospitality of the Mess for over an hour until he was introduced to his own, real platoon commander. 

One township near Beaudesert in southern Queensland, reported a group of ‘Kamarian Raiders’ to the police as a private army of political insurgents attempting to recruit new members and spreading anti-government propaganda. Perhaps they should not have been wearing their Kamarian uniforms and distributing their pretend political doctrine in the local pub! 

Sadly, 10I RC no longer exists but it did return the Infantry Scarlet lanyard to 4 RAR when 4 RAR was delinked from 2/4 RAR. As the custodians of the Infantry Scarlet lanyard and for their service to all ranks and units of the Army, 4 RAR thanks 10IRC and 311 Raider Battalion and congratulates them. Well done!  
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