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The Ladies' Luncheon 2017
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The annual 4 RAR Assoc, Qld Inc Ladies' Luncheon was conducted at the Restaurant "66 On Ernest" again on Thursday 22 June. Thirty ladies attended, including our specially invited ladies Alison Hocking, Deslie Hann, Christine Upton, Pam McCloskey and Lyn Wilkes who as our widows, were the guests of the Association.

Twenty five other ladies and four males attended. The males, Bob Hadlow, Rick Male and Alan Price in "accord with LIDS SOP", were seated as a group, alone in another part of the restaurant.
Two large female family groups attended ; the Ma Baker Gang included the matriarch, Lorraine Baker wife of Frank Baker former 4 RAR medic, Suzanne Baker, Michelle Ibbertson, Juirsa O'Neill and Kayla Peters.
The  Mountney  clan  arrived  headed  by  Lisa
Mountney with Nicole Mountney, Rachel Mountney and Chelsea Wintour, all descendents of their matriarch, Maureen Price.

Some of our dependables attended again in Liz Burgess, Kay Shannon, Susan O'Neill, Laraine Edwards with her friend Ronda Pearce. Rhonda Lauze was invited by Christine Upton and Lynda Hadlow, Janice Dorber and Ros Male sat nearby as did Deslie Hann and her friend , Judy Gray.
One of the highlights was the presence of two of our card ladies again Loraine Skinner and Irma Munn. Irma Munn was ambushed by the 8/9 RAR, Pipe Sergeant, Tim Anderson. Tim surprised Irma by playing the bag pipes that Irma had donated to the 8/9 RAR Pipes and Drums earlier in the year. Tim piped the ladies into the dining room and after he offered the traditional Gaelic toast to the Queen, joined the males in the other room. He later piped the ladies out when the luncheon ended. The ladies showed their appreciation by loud applause.
As the group photo was being taken someone called out that the ladies could have their photos taken with the Piper for a cost of $5. Chelsea Wintour grabbed a $5 note off her cousin and yelled out, "I'm first", but she was swamped by the crowd.
Mr Soren Neilsen and his colleague Ms Jane Billtris from the firm, Health and Hearing were our special guests and both were made welcome by Maureen Price. Soren was introduced as our guest speaker and he spoke about the way that deafness affects us in a community and how our hearing can be improved by sometimes free newly developed hearing aids. It was a very interesting address. Both Soren and Jane were presented with gifts in appreciation. Soren was invited to become an Associate Member and Jane won the door prize!

All in all, a good day was experienced and it was great to see so many ladies smiling and laughing. Soren Neilsen delivered a very informative presentation that was well received by the ladies and I am sure that he and his colleague Jane, made a lot of new friends on the day. It was noted that Soren is a Dane now residing in Australia and he was asked at one stage to give Princess Mary back to us.

Missing was the joking and laughter of our recently deceased Rita Bostock and she was greatly missed. Bob Hadlow took the photos of the day that appear in this article. Thanks Bob, well done.

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