Outrage over the use of 'Last Post' as a ring tone

You will have heard of and or seen national coverage of this matter and the outrage expressed by many at the commercialisation of what to the Military is considered a sacred military custom in the use and playing of Last Post.
The National President's letter on the matter to Doug Formby, the RSL Queensland State President, is shown below. The letter will be posted on our RAR website.
Ted Chitham
President RAR Assoc (Qld) Inc ; and
National Secretary
RAR Assoc Australia

From Major General Hori Howard
National President

RAR Assoc Australia
Brigadier Doug Formby (Retd)
RSL Qld State Branch
18th January 2010


The Last Post Ring Tone
The RAR National Association appreciates the RSL Qld Branch’s efforts to increase the public’s recognition of Remembrance Day through the sale of poppies by digital means, but, we believe that in offering Last Post as a ring tone to the sales campaign the RSL has overstepped the mark of military tradition.
We are dismayed with the seemingly crass commercial nature that Last Post has been used for marketing purposes in disregard to the special significance of this unique military bugle call.
The RSL is seen by many as the guardian of military customs, but this inclusion in your digital sales campaign has, in our opinion, sullied the RSL’s good name in the eyes of many in the defence community of veterans, widows, the ex-service and current serving persons and their families.  
Whilst the RSL has labeled the $2.00 charge for this download as a ‘donation’, many RSL members and the broader defence community view your decision as equivalent to ‘selling’ Last Post.  We understand that copyright may be owned by the British Ministry of Defence and if so that your use of it for a commercial purpose would have been with the owner’s agreement.

Traditionally, Last Post is that haunting bugle call that signifies the end of the day and sadly the end of life. It is played at military funerals as a final farewell and at all military commemoration services such as on ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, etc as a symbol that, with duty done, the dead may now rest in peace. On all of these occasions it is customary to stand in silence as a mark of respect and in remembrance.

The RSL Qld Branch’s decision as announced by you in a media release of the 13th January 2010 to exclude Last Post from being available as a ring tone in your 2010 Poppy Appeal is appreciated. It is seen by many as recognition by your governing body that the original decision was unwise.

Duty First.

Yours Sincerely
Major General Hori Howard AO MC ESM (Retd)
National President.
Signed by Ted Chitham
on direction by the National President

Note: These sentiments are shared by the members of the 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment Associations of Australian and we thank the Royal Australian Regiment Association, our parent body, for acting on our behalf. Well done!
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'Last Post' outrage
25 January 2010
Submitted by Alan Price
4 RAR Associations of Australia