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Numerous websites are devoted to the Battalion. These websites chronicle, among other events, the formation of the Battalion at Woodside, SA; the Battalion's service record; the Battalion Nominal Rolls; and more . . . much more. These sites provide a treasury of information for members and ex-members of the Battalion, and others.
This website is appreciative of the efforts and endeavours of others and is not intentional of duplicating other website's content. For this reason links to these websites dedicated to, or inclusive of, 4 RAR history are included.
The Regiment
The Australian Army
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Dept of Veterans' Affairs
4 RAR Honour Roll
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Nominal Rolls
This site allows a search for the veteran, by name or service number, and a Certificate of Service can be printed [in landscape format] for the serviceman or woman.
The Fighting Fourth Newsletter
Aussie Trackers
National Memorial Walk
TPI Association
Australian War Memorial
Stories & Anecdotes
Vietnam Veterans of America Chap 310
New Zealand Nominal Roll
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4 RAR was supported by 104 Field Battery during both tours of duty in South Vietnam.
The history of 104 Field Battery and the Battery's  Association can be visited on the links below.
Any history of 4 RAR would be incomplete if it did not recognise the contribution to the battalions' operations by the companies of the New Zealand Army that comprised our ANZAC battalions in both tours of duty in South Vietnam.

We honour and salute our ANZAC comrades.
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