On Wednesday 18 June 2014, a group of twenty three 4 RAR ladies including our widows and female family members gathered together for the fifth annual 4 RAR Assoc, Qld Inc Ladiesí Luncheon conducted at 66 on Ernest -  the training restaurant of the TAFE College, Southbank. On arrival the ladies were presented with a corsage and at the nominated time, moved into the dining room. 
Male members who escorted their ladies to the event were ordered to wait outside the dining room to be seated at a lonely table in another room. Just as the ladies moved in, we received a phone call from the invited special guest, Denise Baker from Bunnings that she could not attend as she was experiencing a sever asthma attack. Unfortunately we had turned all our phones off before being seated and we did not actually read the message until some time later. This caused a little bad luck as we intended to present to Bunnings via Denise, a 4 RAR plaque in gratitude for their assistance in our fund raising activities. Our Vice President and male committee members were actually preparing for a sausage sizzle for the following day at Bunnings, Carseldine. We will arrange another suitable time and place for the presentation as it means so much to us and we all share in wishing Denise a rapid recovery. 
The ladies enjoyed a marvelous main course but not before their attention was directed to their specially produced and unique menu, their personal gift and their lucky numbers for the door prize. After the main course Jaye asked Alan our president, to speak and Alan presented a short but succint trip down memory lane high lighting those family experiences common to Army life and endured by all.
A rich dessert selection was then enjoyed by the ladies and as they reminised and remembered. All said that they enjoyed the function and promised to return next year to continue unfinished conversations and to further enjoy each otherís company.
Thanks must go to Jaye Clewley, Bernadette Robinson and Maureen Price for their work in preparing for the day and a big "Well Done" to the staff and students of the 66 On Ernest Restaurant.

On The Occasion of the 4 RAR Ladies Luncheon - 18 June 2014

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Ladies' Luncheon 2014
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