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Operation Lyre Bird
Dateline : 1 August to 4 September 1968

Duration :  32 days

Outcome :  4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) troops - 1 killed, 6 wounded
                     Enemy                                   - 4 killed, 1 wounded
This land-clearing operation was carried out by engineers of 17 Construction Squadron, protected by W Company and elements of B Company with gun and mortar support. A troop of APC's from A Squadron was deployed to provide protection and transport for the troops.

Two fire support bases were used during the operation, Hague and Hokonui.

The enemy reacted vigorously to this operation causing severe damage to two bulldozers by RPG fire and one APC by mines, and the land clearing teams were subjected to considerable harassment during the first few days, after which there was minor contact with the enemy.

The operation cleared a strip of land 13,500 metres by 200 metres between the Nui Thai Vais and Nui Dinhs in AO Warburton, an excellent result considering much of the work was carried out in heavy rain which reduced the area to deep mud and slush.

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Charlie waves to Kiwi (Maori wearing a sweatband).
Kiwi waves back.
Kiwi shoots Charlie.
Extract from 'Mission In Vietnam', published by 4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Bn for, and on behalf of, all ranks.
Edited by Lt J R Webb
Assisted by Pte L A Drake.
Map overlays drawn by Cpl R Strong, Pte M J Cash and Pte T J J Egan.