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Lance Corporal JASON MARKS and Private LUKE WORSLEY

Posted by : The President of 4 RAR Association, Qld
Date posted :12 December 2008
On Wednesday 10 December 2008 the 4RAR Association, Qld conducted two services for the dedication of plaques at the Royal Australian Regiment National Memorial Walk (RAR NMW) at Enoggera.

The first service was for LCpl Jason Marks who was killed in action in Afghanistan on 27 April 2008 and the second was for Pte Luke Worsley who was killed in action in Afghanistan on 23 November 2007.

The services were attended by approximately 30 Association members, representatives of the RAR Association, Qld, Dadís Army and family members. Jason Marksí family could not attend due to family reasons. Mr John Worsley, Mrs Marjorie Worsley and Mr Arnold Richards represented the Worsley family.

4 RAR (Cdo) provided the Catafalque Party
(see below) and attendant soldiers, and the officers and men of the Battalion were represented by the Commanding Officer, LtCol Gavin Duncan and Warrant Officer Paul Hesse. In moving ceremonies for both soldiers, under the hottest sun Queensland has experienced for some days, the officiating padre Chaplain LtCol Ron Peacock blessed and dedicated the memorial plaques in the Afghanistan section.  The names of both LCpl Marks and Pte Worsley were also revealed on the Roll of Honour within the contemplation building.

The President of 4 RAR Association, Qld, Mr Alan Price, stated during the service that the RAR NMW was a peaceful place and that although laughter may be heard amongst the trees from time to time, it is the laughter of mates talking to the spirit of their fallen mates in a language and manner that only warriors can understand. 

A letter that was sent to a 4 RAR (Cdo) soldier by a student of Helensvale State School last year was read out at both services and Alan mentioned that the letter in its naÔve way, but written with more heartfelt feeling and respect than we as adults might be able to express, described the admiration that we all have for the officers and soldiers of our battalion. 

The dress , bearing and proud behaviour of the members of the Battalion was beyond reproach and truly and publicly reflected our motto of Duty First.
A catafalque
(Origin; Italian, from catafalco, meaning scaffolding), normally a raised platform supporting a bier on which a coffin rests, may be represented for ceremonial purposes by a shrine or remembrance stone.
At a memorial service for a distinguished personage, which is being held at a different location or time to the actual funeral, a representation of a catafalque may be erected in the churches, or dedicated place. concerned.
A catafalque party, consisting of four sentries, a member in reserve and a commander, is a guard mounted over a catafalque
A catafalque party must not be senior in rank to the deceased over whom it is mounted.
The Commemorative plaques of Lcpl Jason Marks (left) and Pte Luke Worsley (right) after the dedication service.
The Afghanistan section of the Royal Australian Regiment National Memorial Walk.
(The mats were removed after the ceremony.)
Their Service . . . . Our Heritage
We Will Remember Them
the motto of the Royal Australian Regiment
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