Donald David McKENZIE
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Distinguished Service Medal
Captain Donald McKenzie graduated from the Officer Cadet School on 15 December 1962 and was allotted to the Corps of Royal Australian Engineers. On 20 January 1967, he was transferred to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps and on 15 August 1967, was posted to 4th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment and arrived in South Vietnam on 15 August 1971.

During 1970 and early 1971, the Battalion , in preparation for a second operational tour in South Vietnam, went through a difficult period which involved not only extensive training for operations, but also the absorption of some 600 new men, including most key officer appointments. In structuring the unit for operations, Captain McKenzie, as Adjutant, showed great attention to detail, consideration for the welfare of all concerned and a very high degree of manning expertise. In addition to his normal duties he also undertook the training of newly arrived junior officers, often conducting training periods outside working hours. Furthermore, he anticipated the importance of well trained command post staff to a battalion on active service. He personally arranged and supervised the training of both duty officers and duty staff and established command post procedures which have proved most effective on operations.

In South Vietnam, Captain McKenzie has performed the duties of Assistant Operations Officer in addition to those of Adjutant. The professional competence with which he has completed both tasks has been of the highest standard. The smooth functioning of the Battalionís administrative procedures and of its command post have been the result, to a significant degree, of this officerís foresight and devotion to duty both before and during service in Phouc Tuy Province.

Captain McKenzie has proved to be a dedicated and loyal officer who has always set and maintained a high standard. His forthright and decisive manner and his sound military knowledge and judgement have been a credit to himself, his Regiment and the Australian Army.

In recognition of distinguished leadership in action in South Vietnam, Captain Donald McKenzie was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.
Mentioned In Dispatches
shown on Vietnam Medal ribbon
(End of War List 03 June 1998)
Distinguished Service Medal [DSM]