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The Fighting Fourth
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4 RAR Colours
The merchandise items described below are available for purchase from the individual State Associations.  Contact the individual State representative to confirm your purchase.
Your support is appreciated and by purchasing these unique and collectable products you are contributing to the State Associations and their continual efforts in recording and promoting the history of the Battalion, providing articles of interest, news of our comrades-in-arms, and support to fellow warriors and their families.
4 RAR Association, Qld Inc

Association Shirt

Association Cap

Association Tie

Association Name Plates

Association Car Sticker

$ 45.00

$ 25.00

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$ 15.00

$   3.50
Genuine 4 RAR merchandise is available only through the State's representative nominated above, and all intended purchases should be referred to the nominee who will confirm delivery details to ensure  speedy delivery.

Do not make your purchase through any third party.
These hardcover books are available, in limited numbers, for the SALE price of $60 each plus postage of $8 for 'Mission In Vietnam' and $10 for 'The Fighting Fourth'. These books make excellent gifts to family members, local schools and libraries, and broaden understanding within the community of the Battalion's proud history.
Recommended reading for anyone interested in 4 RAR's involvement in Vietnam.

These books were written by serving members of 4 RAR/NZ ANZAC during its two tours of duty to South Vietnam. They provide a first-hand record of their experiences; their operational patrols; the often satirical humour that sustains morale ; the conditions in which they fought; the shared grief of the death of a mate; and through an array of images.
4 RAR/NZ ANZAC 1st tour 1968-1969
4 RAR/NZ ANZAC 2nd tour 1971-1972
For all items contact
Maureen Price
[07] 3273 7973
direct debit: CBA BSB 064140 Account 0090 2215
(please include your name and action on the direct debit form so that we can identify the person and the reason for payment:
e.g. "John Jones, Enoggera, Car Stickers".