Michael Chisholm MORRISON
Mentioned In Dispatches
Major Michael Morrison graduated from the Royal Military College, Duntroon on 09 December 1959. After regimental service in Australia and New Guinea he was posted to 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment on 13 June 1964. He arrived in South Vietnam as Officer Commanding Administrative Company.

In this appointment he was responsible for the establishment of the battalion resupply and administrative systems. He was instrumental in implementing the excellent administrative support enjoyed by the battalion both on operations and in base. He accepted a multitude of tasks cheerfully. His attention to detail and professional competence were of the highest order in all his work.

He also commanded the battalion sector of the Task Force base at Nui Dat while the battalion was absent on operations. In this capacity he was solely responsible for the defence of the battalion sector. Throughout the long absences of the battalion from Nui Dat, Major Morrison was required to work long hours and take tremendous responsibility. He was required to make many decisions without guidance from Battalion Headquarters on a widely diverse range of subjects, for many of which his prior service would not have properly prepared him. The wisdom and judgement displayed were quite exemplary.

From 15 January 1969, he commanded C Company on operations and quickly won for himself a reputation as a fearless and aggressive leader. Major Morrison’s ability and leadership have earned him the respect and admiration of those who have served with him
Mentioned In Dispatches
shown on Vietnam Medal ribbon