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4 RAR / 4 RAR (Commando) NEWS

   On Thursday 22 April 2010 the 4 RAR/4 RAR (Cdo) Association, NSW conducted our AGM at the 2nd Commando Regiment Sergeants’ Mess.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the PMC of the 2nd Commando Regiment Sergeants’ Mess, its members and staff for the kind invitation and the organization involved in allowing us the use of the facilities of the mess. It is much appreciated.

   A new management committee has been elected to office, and I take this opportunity as the founding president and also the secretary for the past couple of years to welcome and congratulate the new committee members. (See Committee page for full details.)

   I thank and congratulate all members for accepting their positions on the Management Committee. In particular I thank Dave Morris who still works full time as a national manager, who also chairs our 4RAR/4RAR (Cdo) History Room Inc as well as continuing to be the long standing editor for the newsletter of the Association of 4th Infantry Battalions as the only person to nominate and take on the position of president after 12 months of advertising.  I also welcome back into the fold Daryl Green who was the founding Secretary in 2004 when we raised our Association, but because of family issues and illness was unable to continue in the role. It is good to have him back.

  Other members of the executive also wear other hats including John Woodley, Ian Morrison and James Wrigley who work at the VVAA Office at Granville, as well as holding positions within the Bankstown RSL Sub Branch.  Chris Hurley is also president of the Auburn RSL Sub-Branch.

   I also take this opportunity to welcome two new members into the fold of the management committee; Keith ‘Tarbrush’ Heavey who has been battling that debilitating disease; cancer. Those that know him from old would have difficulty identifying him at his current light weight of 63kgs but being the man he is, has a great attitude and keeps going forward - God Bless him. 

   Our other new member is Mike Lee who served with 2/4RAR and has been searching for the past 20 years for an association to belong to and to call home. He recently became a member of our Association and attended on the night of the AGM and with a little coaxing from the members present; he is now on the Committee.  Mike is also the honorary welfare officer at the Castle Hill RSL Sub-Branch which has a large aging veteran membership to cater for.

   So members as you can see, we have a good mix of old and new with exceptional skills to continue to administer and to manage our Association. 

    I have not completely deserted the fold, as you can see I am on the committee now but given my distance from Sydney since September 2006 with me residing at Boambee near Sawtell - Coffs Harbour, and with my management committee all residing in Sydney, it was a only a matter of time that common sense prevailed and I thank Dave Morris again for relieving me of my former duties as president and allowing me to step down, as well as Daryl Green for stepping in to take back the secretary’s role.  Being on the committee, I will continue to assist and help as usual when I can.

   Through the kind generosity of the 2nd Commando Regiment, we were able to secure a Land Rover for our 2010 Anzac Day March in Sydney. Keith Heavey and Ian Morrison, who has difficulty walking these days, were both able to be transported proudly in front of our 4RAR marching contingent.  Another one of our members was supposed to be on that Land Rover as well; Wally Thompson OAM, our sixth RSM and the first RSM(A), however, I can assure you he will be on it next year if there is one made available.

   In due course an email will be disseminated by the new executive, but in the interim, you should all be aware that we have been carrying membership of our Association on a no costs basis, since 2005. At the AGM it was agreed that we need some finances for operating and administration costs.  It was resolved that an annual membership fee of $10 be imposed as from 22 April 2010. The Executive will set up a BSB account in due course so that direct payments may be made. In the meantime, it is requested that all members please forward their membership fee of $10.00 to:

The Treasurer
4RAR/4RAR(Cdo) Assoc NSW/ACT
Mr Phil Sadler
51 Bolwarra Avenue,
NSW.  2073.

   Any donations of course, will be gratefully received.

   We ask that all members complete the amended application form sent out separately so that we may confirm address and other contact details, especially email addresses. Some members have either moved or have changed email addresses and have forgotten to inform us and as a result many letters and emails are returned. This inhibits our ability to pass information effectively.

   In summing up, I thank everyone for their advice and assistance over the past years whilst I have been at the helm, and I wish our most esteemed Patron, Brigadier, The Honorable David Thomson MC (Retd) and his lovely caring wife Judy, the very best.