Nui Le Dinner 2012
The annual Nui Le Dinner of the 4 RAR Association, Qld Inc was conducted on Friday 21 September 2012 at the Southbank Institute of Technology restaurant, now called 66 On Ernest.

Alan Price, in his welcome to all, made mention of the Battle of Nui Le and specifically mentioned the support offered by all arms and services but, more so, the Diggers who appeared on the chopper pad ready to offer assistance from Nui Dat at the time of the battle.

The dinner was attended by 31 guests and what a dinner it was; and all for $45.00 which included wines, beer, soft drinks, tea and coffee.
Colonel Bob Sayce CSC (Retd) and his wife Margaret came all the way from the ACT to join us. Bob Cole and Nev “Pedro” Pedersen who brought along his nephew Jamie Ingram, came from the other side of Toowoomba. On entry, the ladies were presented with a small corsage of flowers. 

Our Guests of Honour were Alf Vockler and his wife Robyn. Alf is the new president of the RAR Assoc, Qld and we hope that we made Alf and Robyn feel at home
We were regaled with tales of the past by a few members. One included the story of why he became the last known person in the Australian Army to be charged with inciting a mutiny and of how he was awarded only a ten shilling fine rather than being shot at dawn. Alf Vockler reminded us that he did a stint in 4 RAR in 1955 prior to being posted to 2 RAR and then to Malaya after putting his age up so that he could. Alf was reminded that schools and courses did not count but we could not help ourselves and later invited Alf to become a member; and that was before he and Robyn donated a rather substantial raffle prize. Another told of his escapades as a private soldier before being commissioned. If only the Commandant of OCS knew about this before the midnight adorning of the “pips”. Bob Sayce and Mike O’Neill reminisced about co-editing 'The Fighting Fourth' book of the second tour of Vietnam and we all honoured those who served.
During the evening, because of his exemplary work within the Association, Joe Dvoracsek was awarded and admitted as a Life Member of the Association. When presenting the award Alan reminded us of the great work that Joe and indeed Jeanette, his wife had done in the preparation of the 2011 National Reunion, of the outstanding achievements of Joe in his capacity of welfare officer of the Association and of his again outstanding achievements, as an organiser of social events.
It was suggested by someone that Bob Hann draw the first of the many raffle prizes because he was the only honest CQMS in the Army. The laughter and noise that erupted caused the corks in the wine bottles to pop and Bob’s knees to buckle but unfortunately Bob did not win a prize. Sorry Bob.

The service provided by ”66 On Ernest” was of the highest order. The meal was perfectly presented, the decor was excellent and the service was beyond reproach. Considering that those who attended us were actually hospitality students learning their craft, the evening was made that more enjoyable by their professionalism, their trade knowledge, their enthusiasm and their sense of  striving for excellence.

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