Leslie George O'KEEFE
Warrant Officer Class Two
Mentioned In Dispatches
Warrant Officer Leslie O’Keefe enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on 07 November 1952. He was posted to 4th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment on 30 January 1964 and arrived in South Vietnam as Warrant Officer Regimental Duties on 14 May 1968.

During twelve months of operations in South Vietnam by 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, Warrant Officer O’Keefe was in command of the helicopter tasking organisation. In this role he was involved in the planning and responsible for the tasking and supervision of air supply to the forward element of the battalion.

He accepted a multitude of tasks cheerfully and diligently. He worked extremely long hours usually without supervision. At all times he displayed the highest standards of professional skill. His sound advice and outstanding attention to his duties contributed in a large measure  to the continuously reliable air supply enjoyed by the battalion.

His organisational ability and co-operation received high praise from air staff officers and from helicopter air-crews of both the Royal Australian Air Force and the United States Army. The operation of his helicopter pad was recognised as the best in the area and other pad operators were often sent to him for training. His efforts to ensure aircraft safety and the assistance to air-crew in a wide field of activities was exemplary.

Warrant Officer O’Keefe’s efficiency, devotion to duty and keen sense of responsibility displayed while working with another service and other nationalities brought great credit on himself, the battalion and the Australian Army.

Mentioned In Dispatches
shown on Vietnam Medal ribbon