The brown puggaree of 4 RAR
Submitted by : Alan Price
The origin of the brown puggaree
The Brown Puggaree.

Whilst the battalion was overseas in Malaysia in 1965, preparing for operational service in Borneo against what has been recorded in history as the Indonesian Confrontation, the logistics system was unable to supply the normal khaki puggaree worn on the ‘Slouch Hat’, an item more accurately described in military terminology as, Hat, Khaki Fur Felt.

The battalion was aware that some years earlier the same fate had befallen 1 RAR and that 1 RAR had written off a quantity of the British issued jungle green shirts and had the local Indian tailor make puggarees from the shirts which were then issued to the troops in lieu of the normally issued puggarees.

Not to be outdone 4 RAR did the same thing with the British issued brown woollen shirt and so 4 RAR wears a brown puggaree when the slouch hat is worn.

In its Commando role, 4 RAR does not wear the slouch hat but instead wears the Commando Green beret.

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