ANZAC day in Brisbane saw the Dawn Service conducted at the RAR National Memorial Walk where approximately 400 RAR battalion association members  and their families attended. Alan Price laid a wreath for the 4 RAR warriors who died overseas. Later we enjoyed the company of many old and new RAR members over a BBQ breakfast.

   Again, the RV for the city march was changed and it took a while to gather all the troopies. Approximately 80 members marched and again the 4 RAR contingent was one of the largest.

    Four members travelled from NSW to join us and another four from country areas. Afterwards we adjourned to the Irish Murphies Hotel where we shared a few milk shakes and told a few lies. The old hands would remember that pub. In the old days it  was called “the Treasury”. The atmosphere and the decor have seen little change since  1968 and it brought back a few fond memories. Things do change though and now every Irishman that ever came to Australia calls it home. Imagine our frustration when we were talking in Braille and the civvies were speaking Irish. We each had to make sure that we nodded our heads at the appropriate moment. I would suggest that we all had a marvellous day as we were treated with the utmost respect by all that we met.

    It was great to see so many old and new faces from all campaigns that 4 RAR has been involved in from Woodside to Afghanistan. The only sour note was the fact that so many of our members were ill or hospitalised over the ANZAC day period. Perhaps next year!

    In the days leading up to ANZAC Day Doug Bourke, our former D and C Company CSM, stayed in Brisbane with Alan and Maureen for eight days before going up to Townsville to march with his grandson who is a captain in Ordnance Corps. (I know, I did speak to Doug about that!) Tony Waghorn, our national web master and his wife Dee, stayed with Alan and Maureen for a couple of days as well and went home tired and happy. Bill Field MBE and Paul Fisher made the trip up from NSW to march with us. Well done all who marched.

Prior to ANZAC Day members of the committee visited two schools; Mitchelton High School and Helensvale Primary School. It is always a pleasure to do this as the children are hungry for information and the stories of war that arise. One child mentioned that he could not understand why we give up our time close to ANZAC Day to talk to the children when we should be enjoying our life and should be with our mates and our own families. A deep philosophy from a 12 year old that makes these visits worthwhile. We relate the history of 4 RAR and its warriors to illustrate the point that soldiers love being soldiers but in fact, hate war. We attempt to explain the history of the ADF and especially the Diggers of 4 RAR and the Commandos. When the children line up to shake our hands it certainly makes us humble but very much appreciative.
Alan and Doug reminiscing over a milk shake.
Lt Col Ted Chitham MC, OAM, President RAR Assoc, Qld and Tony Waghorn 4 RAR at the Dawn Service comparing notes. Note the flags flying at the memorial plaques for all RAR warriors who died overseas.

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