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Patron: Lt Col Brian Avery (Retd)


The Secretary
4 RAR Assoc, Qld, Inc
PO Box 5354
Tel: (07) 3273 7973
Alan Price
   Alan became an original member of 4 RAR in 1964 after serving in 2 RAR and 1 RAR and subsequently served in Woodside, Malaya, Borneo and South Vietnam from 1964 to 1968 as a Corporal in D Company. On return to Australia he was promoted to Sergeant and served as an instructor at the School of Infantry, the Jungle Training Centre, 1 RAR and in the 11th Independent Rifle Company, Royal Western Australia Regiment (11 Indep Coy, RWAR). He also served with 3 Cadet Group as a training WO and after then serving as the  Sergeant Major of the Junior Staff Wing he took his retirement in 1984 after 25 years service.
   After experiencing a few jobs in Civvy Street he was invited into the Army Reserve mainly serving in 45 RQR, QUR and the 1st Training Group on full time service for a further seven years. His last two years in the Army Reserve was as a Training Development Officer at the Land Warfare Centre redesigning, rewriting and implementing new training management plans for Subject One Courses for promotion to Corporal, Sergeant and Warrant Officer for all corps. For this task he was awarded a General Officers’ Commendation. His last job as a soldier was as the Sergeant Major of the Command and Staff Wing, 1st Training Group.
   Alan has been a member of the Association since 1985 and has served previously as both secretary and president at differing times. He was awarded Life Membership in 2006.

Maureen Price
   Maureen is married to Alan Price and was originally elected as secretary in 1985 when Alan was first elected president. Since then whether elected side by side with Alan or not, she has worked tirelessly for the Association. She has hosted many Association meetings and functions at her home and worked tirelessly during the entire planning, conduct and finalising stages of the 4 RAR Gold Coast Reunion 2011.
   Maureen has previously stepped into the appointed position of secretary on the retirement or resignation of serving Association secretaries and has now been the official elected secretary since 2012.
   Maureen has assisted in the planning and conduct of all Ladies’ Luncheon functions and has played a part in the success of those luncheons. She has also assisted the editor in the selection, positioning and proof reading of articles for the national newsletter, The Fighting Fourth.
   Maureen was awarded Life Membership of the Association in 2013.


Lisa Mountney
   Lisa is the daughter of a former 4 RAR member and has worked as a corporate travel manager with Jetset Tours in Melbourne. Lisa has been working since 2001 as a consultant with Centrelink on the Gold Coast and her husband, Pat owns a successful plumbing business on the Gold Coast.
   Lisa, her husband their three children have always been staunch supporters of the Association and it was at an Association BBQ at her home in 2006 that she came up with the idea of asking school children to write to our soldiers serving overseas. Lisa worked tirelessly for the Association during the planning and the conduct of the 4 RAR Gold Coast Reunion 2011.  
   Lisa has been a financial Associate Member of the Association since 2009.