Dennis Rayner and Jim Rivers - Commendations for Brave Conduct.

The events leading up to the two awards occurred within two months of each other.
Both Dennis and Jim live in Buff Point, New South Wales, no more than 200 metres from each other.
Both attend the Doyalson RSL Club where Dennis was president of the RSL sub branch.
Until two years ago however, they did not know each other or of each otherís background.
Both are former 4 RAR members; Jim served in Malaysia and Borneo in 1965-66 and Dennis served in South Vietnam in 1971.

What makes a hero ?
Maybe it is one who sees someone is in trouble and attempts to make a difference.
Jim and Dennis are both unpretentious gentlemen who, because of the circumstances that they found themselves in, attempted to help and protect others without thought for their own safety.
They both state that it was their 4 RAR training that forged their actions on those particular days.
That may be, but their own courage and dedicated community spirit also played a large part.

Heroes? Yes!

The Award.
The Commendation for Brave Conduct is conferred for an
act of bravery that is worthy of recognition. It is the fourth highest Australian Bravery Decoration.
The Commendation for Brave Conduct is a silver gilt sprig of mimosa mounted on a blood-red backing ribbon.

Through their actions, these former members of 4 RAR are deserving recipients of their award, for their bravery, selflessness, spirit of community and continuing to preserve the traditions that all soldiers serve to maintain . . . . our freedom and our way of life.

Well done Jim and Dennis !
We salute you.
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Commendation for Brave Conduct
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