Thomas Gary REIDY
Second Lieutenant
Military Cross
Second Lieutenant Thomas Reidy entered the Army as a National Serviceman on 02 February 1966, graduated from the Officer Training Unit, Scheyville and went to South Vietnam with 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.

On 13 September 1968, during a search and clear operation during Operation Hawkesbury, he was commanding 7 Platoon, C Company, 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment. At 5.45pm, his platoon came under heavy fire from the enemy well entrenched in a large bunker system. The enemy fire was determined and accurate and the platoon sustained casualties. Two were killed, including a section commander and seven others wounded including Second Lieutenant Reidy.

Unable to bring effective artillery fire to bear, he continued to fight forward with his platoon despite his own wounds. At a critical point in the action, he personally resupplied his forward section with ammunition to allow the attack to continue. He was wounded again while carrying grenades forward. He continued to control his platoon until the enemy broke and ran.

After being wounded the second time he selected a commanding position and shouted encouragement to his men. He showed complete disregard for his own safety and forced the enemy to withdraw, by his sheer determination to take their position.
Military Cross