William John REYNOLDS
Military Cross
Major William Reynolds graduated from the Royal Military College, Duntroon, on 10 December 1958. He was posted to 4th battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment on 07 March 1964. He arrived in South Vietnam on 14 May 1968 as Officer Commanding B Company.

Major Reynolds commanded his company with outstanding success throughout his tour of South Vietnam. By his leadership, sound tactics and aggressive spirit, he always ensured that his company acquitted itself with distinction. He led his company in twelve major operations and planned and supervised numerous sub- unit operations.

From the commencement of his tour, Major Reynolds showed a marked disregard for his own safety. This was apparent on many occasions and particularly so on 16 February 1969, when B Company supported by a troop of tanks came under heavy and accurate rocket and small arms fire from enemy concealed in bunkers. Several casualties were inflicted on members of C Company, including company headquarters and the crews of the supporting tanks. Major Reynolds immediately placed his company headquarters in a position where the fighting was heaviest and displaying the outmost calmness, he deployed his force to neutralise the enemy position with speed and decisiveness. Throughout the engagement he demonstrated the ability to assess the situation and issue orders under the most difficult and dangerous circumstances.

Major Reynolds’ determination and leadership on the battlefield inspired his men to outstanding achievements during twelve months of continuous operations. He showed a high degree of professional ability and unflinchingly sought out the enemy on every occasion. 
Military Cross