Warrant Officer Class Two
Mentioned In Dispatches
Warrant Officer Class Two Robert Richardson enlisted in the Australian Regular army on 16 October 1951. He was posted to 4th battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment on 24 January 1964 as Company Sergeant Major of B Company. He arrived in South Vietnam on 21 may 1968. Prior to his arrival in South Vietnam, Warrant Officer Richardson completed operational tours of duty in Korea, Malaya and Borneo.

During the five years he was Company Sergeant Major of B Company, his devotion to duty, loyalty, professional skill and leadership were of the highest order. For some months during 1968 he commanded a rifle platoon with considerable success.  He planned and conducted numerous successful ambushes and achieved an extremely high standard of patrolling. The platoon he commanded was skilled and aggressive.

On 16 February 1969, B Company was heavily engaged by enemy concealed in bunkers. Warrant Officer Richardson was wounded early in the action. Disregarding his wound he moved to the section that was pinned down by enemy fire. He re-organised and encouraged the soldiers in his vicinity and directed accurate fire into the enemy bunkers. When the elements of B Company nearest to the enemy were forced to withdraw, Warrant Officer Richardson, although badly wounded himself, carried another wounded soldier from the area of engagement to safety. This was achieved under intense and accurate enemy fire. He continued to give encouragement to the other wounded members of the company until evacuation by helicopter was possible. He was an inspiration to all who saw or heard him during this action.

Warrant Officer Richardsonís unfailing energy, determination and personal courage in this and other actions were in the finest traditions of the service and The Royal Australian Regiment.

Mentioned In Dispatches
shown on Vietnam Medal ribbon