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This page is a resource offered to;  >   former members of 4 RAR (in all its roles and traditions),
                                                              >  family and friends of former serving 4 RAR members,
who are seeking to;  renew contact with old 4 RAR comrades who served with them,
                                    > make contact with those who knew a family member who served in 4 RAR,
                                    > pass along information regarding a former 4 RAR member.
What we ask you to do
1. Enter your details on the 'eMAIL US' form provided including your request in the 'Comments' box.
    (The form can be accessed by the link to
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2. PLEASE notify us, using the same eMail Us form, when you have received the required response to your enquiry.
What we will do
We will include the details of your request and your contact details on this web page, assisting you to locate the person(s) you seek.
Nicole Ilsley is seeking information on her uncle, Pte Graham Ilsley who served with 4 RAR in Vietnam May 1968-May 69. Her message follows;
I am really interested in knowing if anyone knew my Uncle Graham Ilsley I have a real interest in knowing what my uncle experienced and its my family duty to remember and not let his story fade away.
He was Victorian born, Caulfield, Melbourne. He is in a training photo of  'B company 1 RTB Kapooka, May 1967'. He served in Vietnam 4th RAR.
I would be great if their was someone who could tell me any information regarding him.
Nicole Ilsley
If anyone can add information regarding Pte Graham Ilsley please contact Nicole on
Ron Eaton, who served with 4 RAR/NZ's tour to South Vietnam during 1968-69 is looking for old mates with whom he served.
Ron is now living in Brighton, Queensland and would very much like to hear from his old mates.
If you served with Ron Eaton, give him a call on 0401 521 243.
WO1 Laurie Case.
"I would love to hear from my old mates who perhaps remember a little old medic who used to play in the band called Laurie Case or even sometimes known as “Doc”".

My details are: Laurie Case
121 Richmond St

Gordon Park Qld 4031
Tel: (07) 3315 6471   Mob: 0417 763 720   Email:
Jim Riddle D Coy 4 RAR SVN2 Contact details;
58 Southview
East Denton
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel (+44) 191 2673566
Rod Harlor is looking for 2789547 Ross Johnson. 

Rod and Ross were posted together in 1 ARU from Feb 69 to May 69 then both were posted to 4 RAR. Rod was subsequently posted to 9 RAR in May 69 while Ross stayed with 4 RAR and returned home with 4 RAR in May 1969. Rod was with mortar platoon as a replacement following the tragic incident where LCpl Burns lost his life. Rod is actually pictured on the front cover of “Mission Vietnam” firing the mortar.

Rod would be grateful if anyone knows of the whereabouts of Ross Johnson (and so would we; Ed). No, Ross does not owe Rod any money; it is just that Rod would like to renew contact with a lost friend. Rod is a member of the 9 RAR Association having spent most of his time with 9 RAR.

Rod’s details are:
Mr Rod Harlor
18/2-6 Snowden St, Wodonga Vic
H: (02) 6027 7239: M: 0408 564 745

I have just read a portion of the December issue of The Fighting Fourth newsletter and it brings pride and mateship back to me. Makes you stop and ponder.

I am a proud member of 4RAR from 1995 to 1998 during its reformation years in Holsworthy, NSW

We were only called ‘Lids’ for a very short time, I can tell you, as the CO and NCO’s worked hard to get us into fighting condition; the forced marches, bush trips, jungle training, Butterworth deployment and ‘SPU Club’ functions all hold fond memories; the Cpl’s and Sgt’s from 1 RAR and 2 RAR that became our leaders AND mates you never forget. I remember we copped a lot of intimidation and muscle from the 3 RAR guys during those years as they were no longer the main Infantry battalion on the base, and not if but when, we bumped into them from time to time we gave as good as we got. (“Hook In”!).

And so the story continues in the 2nd Cdo Regt. I transferred at a time when most of my mates continued with commando training and I felt like I had lost face, that’s ok because it was the nature of the beast at that time, there was no room for error. This may sound stupid but you kind of feel like you’re missing half an arm even after all these years.

I was hoping the Association can help me get back in touch with my old buddies from 4 and 5 Platoons, B Company from those days. Since I got out in 1999 I have lost contact with the men that I called friends (mobile numbers no longer work, addresses no longer current). The riflemen of B Coy, 4 RAR during its re-raising in Holsworthy worked bloody hard to bring a combat readiness and pride back to a Fighting Unit that has a rich history of sacrifice and honour. That chapter should be remembered.

I know it’s been a long time since, but if any of you ‘Mountain Goats’ are out there, give me a call or email, just to say hi if nothing more.

Pte Craig ‘Spooga’ Barrow
(Former member of 4 Platoon B Coy 4 RAR, May 95 to Jan 98)
(02) 6033 5977
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De' Arne Prosser is urgently trying to contact Doug & Helen Merrett.

The Merrett's were neighbours of Tom & De' Arne when they lived in Mitchelton QLD.
As this matter relates to Tom’s Will it important that she finds Doug.
Anyone knowing Doug could they please contact De' Arne at or Scottie Alcorn at
The matter is URGENT.