John Aitchison Kennedy SCOTT
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Sergeant John Scott enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on 13 February 1961. He was posted to 4th battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment on 17 March 1964 and arrived in South Vietnam on 01 June 1968.

Sergeant Scott has been in many contacts with the enemy forces and has shown himself to be an experienced and fearless soldier. At all times he displayed steadiness, high standards of leadership and the ability to quickly assess the best course of action in any situation. He set a most commendable example for his men to follow. His actions during Operation Federal in March 1969 provide examples of his soldierly qualities.

On 14 March 1969, Sergeant Scott was commanding 8 Platoon, C Company in the absence of the platoon commander. In the late afternoon, a group of enemy approached the platoon position. One enemy was killed in the initial fight. Sergeant Scott then led a most aggressive sweep in the front of his position and a second enemy was contacted and killed.

The following morning 8 Platoon was involved in a series of contacts. A number of enemy were killed and others wounded. During the afternoon the leading elements of 8 Platoon were neutralised when they came under heavy fire from an enemy squad. Sergeant Scott led an element of his platoon in a flanking assault which forced the enemy to withdraw. Two enemy were killed and a number wounded in this attack.

8 Platoon re-organised at the scene of this contact and waited for their company headquarters to move forward to join them. While moving forward, the company headquarters came under heavy enemy fire and was pinned down. Sergeant Scott quickly appreciated the gravity of the situation and without waiting for orders led a section of his platoon in an immediate assault into the enemy position. This enemy group, was also forced to withdraw. Two further enemy were killed and several wounded.

Sergeant Scott’s tactical skill, determination and personal bravery during twelve months of continuous operations reflect great credit on himself and on The Royal Australia Regiment
Distinguished Conduct Medal [DCM]