Peter Kenneth SHARP
Mentioned In Dispatches
Captain Peter Sharp was commissioned in the Australia Staff Corps on 11 December 1963 and was allotted to the Royal Australian Artillery. He was posted to 12th Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery on 11 December 1967 and arrived in South Vietnam on 28 May 1968. He served in South Vietnam as a Forward Observer with 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment and Battery Captain.

As a Forward Observer, Captain Sharp displayed outstanding technical competence and this, combined with his coolness in action, developed extreme confidence by all ranks of his affiliated Infantry company in his ability to provide quick and accurate fire support.

Captain Sharp assumed the duties of Battery Captain during a difficult period. His zeal, judgement and attention to detail had a marked effect for good upon the battery. The way in which he overcame difficulties was an example to all with whom he came in contact and was largely responsible for the high morale and excellent performance attained by the battery.
Mentioned In Dispatches
shown on Vietnam Medal ribbon
Royal Australian Artillery