Peter Brian SHEEDY
Second Lieutenant
Mentioned In Dispatches
Second Lieutenant Peter Sheedy was commissioned from the Officer Training Unit, Scheyville on 18 December 1965. He was posted to 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment on 04 June 1966. He served with the battalion in Malaya and Borneo in 1966-1967. At the end of his National Service commitment he transferred to the Australian Regular Army. He arrived in South Vietnam as Officer Commanding 5 Platoon, B Company on 14 may 1968.

In September 1968, a platoon of C Company was heavily engaged by enemy fire while clearing a bunker system. Three members of the platoon were killed and the platoon commander, the platoon sergeant and several other members were wounded.

5 Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant Sheedy, was ordered to assist them as quickly as possible. 5 Platoon moved through 600 metres of thick secondary jungle in thirty minutes and linking up with the C Company platoon, passed through them and continued to clear the bunkers, forcing the enemy to withdraw.

5 Platoon then re-organised, collected the dead and wounded from C Company, administered the necessary first aid, prepared stretchers and commenced the cutting of a winch point for helicopter evacuation. The determination, control and calmness displayed by Second Lieutenant Sheedy in the quick relief of the C Company platoon, the clearing of the remainder of the enemy group, the tending to the wounded and the preparation for the evacuation of the wounded and dead were of the highest order.

On this and on a number of other occasions throughout his tour, Second Lieutenant Sheedy displayed a willingness to expose himself to danger. He led a skilled and aggressive platoon which resolutely fought the enemy on all possible occasions. His platoon’s success in battle has been a measure of his excellent leadership and devotion to duty.

Mentioned In Dispatches
shown on Vietnam Medal ribbon