Barrie Davidson SINCLAIR
Mentioned In Dispatches
Captain Sinclair enlisted in the New Zealand Army on 11th December, 1954.  After serving in Malaya as a section commander he attended the Officer Cadet School, Portsea and graduated in December 1959.  Since then he has served in several appointments before being posted as Second in Command of Whisky Company, 1st Battalion, The Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment prior to its move to South Vietnam.

Due to the fact that the company commander had not arrived at the time of the formation of the company, Captain Sinclair undertook the task of forming, training, administering and despatching the Company.  The fact that this task was completed in three weeks was due largely to the untiring efforts, ability and devotion to duty of Captain Sinclair.

From the time Whisky One Company arrived in South Vietnam in November 1967, Captain Sinclair has worked long hours both in Nui Dat and during operations, to ensure that the administration and welfare of the members of the company was of the highest order.  On several occasions Captain Sinclair commanded the company during operations, twice during contact with the enemy, where his coolness under fire, his judgement and leadership were outstanding.

Captain Sinclair’s cheerful, unselfish attitude, devotion to duty, hard work and fine example were an inspiration to all those who served with him in Vietnam.

His dedication and persistence were an example to all those who worked with him and reflected great credit upon himself, his Corps and the New Zealand Army.

Mentioned In Dispatches
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