104 Field Battery, Royal Australian Artillery

104 Field Battery was involved in every Battalion operation and provided accurate and sustained support throughout the tour. The artillerymen were a close-knit component of 4 RAR/NZ and their support was greatly appreciated by the troops.
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A Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Royal Australian Armoured Corps

Close co-operation was enjoyed with the men of A Squadron and their M113 armoured personnel carriers, who took an active part in many of the battalion's operations. The 'tankies' invariably showed an aggressive spirit and a willingness to participate in any activity which offered an opportunity of contacting the enemy.

9 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force

The aircrew of 9 Squadron and their Iroquois helicopters (the sound of Vietnam) played a large part in almost every operation mounted by the Battalion. They performed every aspect of warfare, not the least of which were assault landings, and they won much admiration from the unit. Particular tribute is paid to their bravery in handling many hazardous 'dustoff' (medevac) operations that ensured the battalion's wounded were given the best possible chance of recovery.

1st Field Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers

The Battalion's engineer support was provided mainly from our affiliated troop, 1st Troop, and they shared many exciting and memorable times with the unit.

B and C Squadrons, 1st Armoured Regiment, Royal Australian Armoured Corps

The Centurion tanks of C Squadron and, later, B Squadron, of the 1st Armoured Regiment were always a welcome sight. Though not designed for the terrain or climate of South Vietnam, they were manoeuvred into seemingly impossible places by their crews, who were always anxious to get into the thick of things.

161 Independent Reconnaissance Flight, Australian Army Aviation Corps

The Sioux helicopters and Cessna aircraft of 161 Independent Reconnaissance Flight were a very important and active part of the team. Their helpful assistance was sought continuously and never found wanting. Their Call-Sign "POSSUM" was born into the annals of Army Aviation in Vietnam in 1965

US aviation

The Battalion made a lot of use of American air power. Light fire teams helped many a platoon and company out of a dangerous situation. Their quick reaction and ability to put fire right where it was wanted was appreciated by all.
First tour - June 1968 to June 1969  &  Second tour - May 1971 to March 1972
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