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Operation Toan Thang II (Final Victory)
Dateline : 23 June to 18 July 1968

Duration :  26 days

Outcome :  4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) troops - 1 killed, 1 wounded
                     Enemy                                   - 4 killed, 1 wounded
The battalion was tasked to dominate a belt of approximately 11,000 metres from Long Binh and Bien Hoa which was considered to be the location and range of enemy rockets expected to attack both locations during the mid-year offensive.
Each company patrolled its own AO (Area of Operations) with support from 104 Field Battery located at FSPB (Fire Support Base) Concord.

During the operation there were 6 contacts with the enemy, 4 involving D Company who suffered the first Australian soldier killed in action, Private Barnett of 12 Platoon.

The battalion saw 'Spooky' in operation for the first time.

During the latter part of the operation D Company redeployed to the north-east for three days and was supported by a section of 102 Field Battery, the direct support battery for 1 RAR.

The operation concluded on 18 July and the battalion was heli-lifted by Chinook to Fire Support Base [FSB] Chestnut for Operation Merino.

The operation was successful as no enemy rockets were fired on either Long Binh or Bien Hoa from the battalions AO.
Extract from 'Mission In Vietnam', published by 4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Bn for, and on behalf of, all ranks.
Edited by Lt J R Webb
Assisted by Pte L A Drake.
Map overlays drawn by Cpl R Strong, Pte M J Cash and Pte T J J Egan.