Thomas William SMITH
Warrant Officer Class Two
Mentioned In Dispatches
Warrant Officer Class Two Thomas Smith enlisted in the Australian Army on 21 July 1958 and was allotted to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps. He joined 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in August 1970 and arrived in South Vietnam with the battalion on 22 may 1971.

On 07 June 1971, while on operations in Phouc Tuy Province, Warrant Officer Smith’s company was occupying a blocking position in thick jungle when a sentry located outside the perimeter, was engaged by an element of D445 Battalion. The sentry was shot in the leg and was partially immobilised.

Warrant Officer Smith rapidly organised fire support to allow the sentry to withdraw. Observing that the soldier was in difficulty as a result of his wound, Warrant Officer Smith dashed forward, lifted him onto his shoulders and carried him back inside the perimeter.

During the subsequent evacuation of the wounded soldier, Warrant Officer Smith led a small party carrying the casualty through difficult and insecure terrain to a suitable helicopter pad.

Warrant Officer Smith’s quick reactions probably saved the life of the sentry and his subsequent determined efforts facilitated the early evacuation of the wounded man.

He has continued to display these same high standards of courage, leadership and resourcefulness throughout his service with the battalion and they reflect great credit upon himself. His Regiment and the Australian Army

Mentioned In Dispatches
shown on Vietnam Medal ribbon