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4 RAR Association, Victoria
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Victoria State Emblem
Inaugural General Meeting of the 4 RAR Assoc, Victoria
Conducted at the
Ringwood RSL

25 October 2009
Attendance: 32.
Meeting Opening: Ken Swincer declared the meeting open at 1030 hours.

Silent Tribute and Vale: The following members of the 4RAR family passed away during the year:
Desmond Tranter – Claire Eade (Wife of Bert) – Robert Harding Smith – Edward Henry Sutcliffe – Kevin Rideout – Robert Sims – Cyril “Skip” Constable – Shane Heffernan – Walter Sbenisk – James “Bluey” Wicks – Chris Lucas – Gordon Orford – Robert “ Father” Rooks – Ron Sutton – Patricia McVie (Former wife of Greg) – Steven Patterson – Mason Edwards.

The Ode was read by Ken Swincer and all present responded.

Welcome: Ken Swincer welcomed all to the meeting, including Pauline Martini, the sister of Peter Dawson. Ken then introduced Bob Richardson, Secretary of The Royal Australian Regiment Association Victoria.

Announcement of positions: Bob Richardson explained his role as Returning Officer for the nominations of office bearers of the 4RAR Association, Victoria. He advised the meeting that there had been single nominations for each of the executive and committee positions and as such there was no need to conduct a ballot. He advised that the positions were as follows:

President: Ken Swincer
Vice President: Jim Flower
Secretary: Max Johns
Treasurer: Geoff Stephens
Committee: Ken Bryce, Jeremy Bell,  Jeff Jackson, Dave Marshall, Trevor Gorringe,  Cliff Thompson
Motion: That the report by Bob Richardson as tabled be accepted
Moved Ted Richards, Seconded Wayne Zealling. Carried

Bob Richardson then advised that the nominations as presented now form the committee of the 4RAR Association Victoria. Bob then invited the President, Ken Swincer to take the Chair of the meeting.

Ken Swincer thanked the Steering Committee for their efforts over just three meetings to arrive at a position where we were in a position to be holding our inaugural meeting today. Ken then invited the Association’s Patron, Brigadier John Deighton, to address the meeting.

John expressed his congratulations to the Steering Committee in the formation of the Victorian Association. He praised the efforts of the Reunion Committee for the 2008 Reunion and commented that this event had raised awareness of the need for a Victorian Association; in particular he praised the ladies for their efforts in making the Reunion a success. John also acknowledged Pauline Martini and commented that 4RAR was well known as the family battalion and that this tradition continued today. He spoke of his attendance at the deactivation of 4 RAR earlier this year and reminded all present that 4RAR is still on the Order of Battle and if another battalion is raised it will be designated 4RAR. Ken Swincer then presented a framed certificate to John acknowledging his role as Patron of the Association.

Treasures Report: Geoff Stephens provided a comprehensive report listing the donations that had been received as well as the subscriptions paid by members.
Motion: That the Treasurer's report as tabled be accepted
Moved John Biles, Seconded Cliff Thompson. Carried

Secretary’s Report: Max Johns advised that the following members had provided an apology for being unable to attend the meeting today; Maj Gen Jim Hughes, Ken Bryce, Kevin O’Halloran, Robert Creelman, David Crlyon,  Carl Schofield, Bob Wilkie, Graeme Bayley, Ray O’Hara, Maurice Barwick.

He then advised that since the first steering committee meeting on 9 Aug, well wishes and support had been received from the following: RSL State HQ, RAR Association Victoria, 4RAR Association Qld, 4RAR Association SA, Glenroy RSL, Aspendale-Edithvale RSL, Healesville RSL and The Association of Fourth Infantry Battalions.
Motion: That the Secretary’s report as tabled be accepted
Moved Alan Tonkin, Seconded Lyle Raison. Carried.

Presidents Report: A copy of the Presidents report is attached as an Annex to these minutes
Motion: That the Presidents report as tabled be accepted
Moved Dave Marshall, Seconded Cliff Thompson. Carried

The President advised that appointments had been made to the committee as follows:
Welfare Officer: Cliff Thompson
Membership Officer: Doug Mc Clelland
Ceremonial Officer: Jim Flower
Motion: That the appointments as made be accepted
Moved Wayne Zealling, Seconded Ted Richards. Carried

Amendments to the constitution: The President tabled a document outlining proposed amendments. This document is attached as an annex to these minutes.
Motion: That the proposed amendments to the constitution as tabled be accepted
Moved John Biles, Seconded Rob Brownlee. Carried

The nomination of wives and partners to the committee was also proposed in the document and the meeting was advised that the following nominations had been made
Database Manger: Janice Woodyard

Wives/Partners Representative: Fay Thompson
Motion: That the appointments as nominated be endorsed. by the meeting
Moved: Ted Richards, Seconded Doug McClelland. Carried

Nominations from the meeting were called for a third wives/partners representative. Lorraine Johns nominated for the position.
Motion: That the nomination of Lorraine Johns to the committee be accepted
Moved Doug McClelland, Seconded Graeme Price. Carried

Banner Custodian: Ken Swincer advised the meeting of the role that Jim Flower has undertaken for the past 21 years in being the unofficial custodian of the banner and ensuring that it was present at all significant events.
Motion: That Jim Flower be appointed custodian of the Banner
Moved Alan Tonkin, Seconded John Cooper. Carried

Annual General Meeting and Tenure of Inaugural Committee:
Annual General Meetings to be held in March each year except tenure for the inaugural committee will be from today’s date until February 2011.

Moved Doug McClelland, Seconded Graeme Price. Carried

General Business:

John Deighton commented that the reason that 2/4RAR does not appear on the banner is that 2/4 wished to maintain an individual identity.

John Biles asked if there would be plans to have a permanent “ Home” for the Association. There was some discussion on this and the President confirmed that this was an item for action by the committee

Bob Richardson spoke of the options for funding grants through DVA and this was confirmed as an action item for the committee

The President recorded the thanks of the Association to Ringwood RSL for the use of their facilities and declared the meeting closed at 1126 hours.

Ken Swincer, President                                                                                                    Max Johns, Secretary

25  OCTOBER 2009

Today is a significant and historical date in the history of the 4RAR State Associations for today we officially become the 4RAR Association Victoria. Our members represent a 45 year history of the Fourth Battalion Royal Australian Regiment’s proud and unique history. This Association is in honour of brave soldiers and exceptional leaders; in particular the memory of those who died on active service or later from wounds. It honours those who have passed away since and acknowledges those who returned from war with psychological stresses and severe health problems associated with Agent Orange and other herbicides. Our Association also remembers the families who lost a loved son, brother, uncle, etc.

Over many years various individuals took it upon themselves to ensure Victorian 4RAR members were represented at commemorative events. Jim Flower acted as Banner Custodian attending ANZAC and Vietnam Veterans Day services providing an assembly point and identity for our members. Others generously provided and laid wreaths in the name of 4RAR. The foundations to form an official Victorian Association therefore existed.

We are here today because of the diligence and loyalty by 4RAR members over the years such as our patron John Deighton, Jim Flower, Ken Bryce and many others and a very talented Steering Committee who identified what needed to be done and got on with it. I sincerely thank them for their dedicated contribution.

There is much to be done. Goals during our first year will be to build and consolidate various portfolios’ e.g. Welfare and Social. An immediate task will be to incorporate the Association. I intend to ensure our country members are fully included by visiting regional areas for meetings, social activities, etc. We will focus on growing our membership base and fund raising; through our Welfare, team establish visits to ill members at home or in hospital; provide official representation at funerals where families agree; liaise with other ex-service organizations within Victoria and seek corporate sponsors for special product pricing for members. Families will provide an important role in the provision of social activities; wives or partners will be represented at Committee to reflect their importance in the function of the Association.

We are no longer administered by the QLD Association and on behalf of all our members I offer our most sincere gratitude to Alan Price for fostering us for so long. A letter will be forwarded to officially and formally thank him.

The 4RAR Associations of Australia web site will remain one of our avenues of communication. We will post meeting minutes and other Association news or feature important milestones or friendly family events, etc. Alan has advised that all postings must be channeled through me or our Secretary or they will not be posted. (Official reports and administrative notices must be passed to the web site manager via Alan. Items of general interest, personal comments and suggested articles may be passed directly to Alan or to the web site manager via the forum pages. Be aware that allocated space and style of submission may be edited to comply with the site requirements. Editor)

Our Treasurer's report highlighted the private and other donations received. Donations from ANZAC House, RSL Sub-Branches and the other 4RAR State Associations have been most welcome and endorses their faith and encouragement in our endeavors to establish our own Association.

In closing I thank you all for being here today and I look forward to your future support.

Ken Swincer
Sadly, Ken Swincer suddenly passed away on 08 December 2009.

Office Bearers [left to right]
Geoff Stephens - Treasurer
Ken Swincer      - President
Max Johns          - Secretary
Jim Flower          - Vice-President
Office Bearers
The late Ken Swincer & John Deighton
John Deighton & Doug McClelland
Ann Flower & Joyce Woodyard
Lyle Raisin
Meeting attendees
Bluey Gibson's sister, Pauline
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