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From the HOT SEAT
Question 1. What does 'ALPHA' mean ?
a. Alfa Romeo vehicles
b. Alpha 1, 1 for all
c. Phonetic for 'a'
d. A breed of hairy goats
a       b      c      d
Question 2. What does 'BETA' mean ?
a. Better than others
b. Phonetic for 'b'
c. The name of an appliance retailer
d. A computer programme being trialed
Question 3. What does 'BRAVO' mean ?
a. The applause to a bullfighter
b. A brand of brass polish
c. Sylvester Stallone's latest movie
d. phonetic for 'b'
Question 4. What does 'GOFFER' mean ?
a. Someone that goes for things
b. An order by the General Officer
c. Phonetic for 'g'
d. A soft drink
Question 5. What does 'SNAFU' mean ?
a. Chinese New Year
b. Situation Normal All F . . . . d Up
c. Specialist Naval Artillery Firing Unit
d. Vietnamese for 'hurry up'
Question 6. When was 4 RAR officially raised ?
a. 01 October 1952
b. 29 February 1966
c. Armistice Day 1918
d. 01 February 1964
Question 7. What does 'Huey' mean ?
a. New Zealand slang for "Who is he ?"
b. A  UH1 helicopter
c. A renowned British chef
d. a tribe of American Indians
Question 8. What country is on Vietnams eastern border ?
a. Laos
b. Cambodia
c. China
d. None of the above
Question 9. Who said "All the way with LBJ" ?
a. Robert Menzies
b. Dame Edna Everidge
c. Harold Holt
d. Spike Milligan
Question 10. Who, or what, was LBJ ?
a. Lyndon Baines Johnson
b. Little Billy Joel
c. Lord Boyd-Jones
d. Liberty's Biggest Joke
Question 11. Where is South Vietnam ?
a. Above Beijing
b. Bordering Tibet
c. Below Shanghai
d. In Australian postcode 2166
Question 12. What was Tan Son Nhut ?
a. A Vietnamese delicacy
b. Tan Nhut's son
c. An airfield
d. The name of a river in Saigon
Question 13. By what nickname were the South Vietnamese police known  ?
a. The Good Guys of Vung Tau
b. The Disciples for Democracy
c. The White Mice
d. Thieu's Terrorists
a      b      c      d
a      b      c      d
a      b      c      d
a      b      c      d
a      b      c      d
a      b      c      d
a      b      c      d
a      b      c      d
a      b      c      d
a      b      c      d
a      b      c      d
a      b      c      d

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