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Round 2
Question 1. What does 'ZULU' mean ?
a. A film about a South American conflict
b. A toilet at the zoo
c. Phonetic for 'z'
d. None of the above
Question 2. What was 'MPC' short for?
a. Military Payment Certificate
b. Medical Prescription Coupon
c. Nui Dat slang for 'Member of Parliament Coming'
d. Military Payment Currency
Question 3. What does 'OMEGA' mean ?
a. Phonetic for 'o'
b. One of Saturn's moons
c. Russell Crowe's latest movie
d. None of the above
Question 4. What was 'BARIA' ?
a. Vietnamese porridge
b. Abbreviation for 'Battalion All Resting In Area'
c. A song from 'West Side Story'
d. The capital of a Vietnamese province
Question 5. What does 'FO' mean ?
a. Fell Overboard
b. Forward Observer
c. Fellow Officer
d. The enemy
Question 6. When did the '68 TET Offensive begin?
a. Christmas Day 1968
b. 6/8/68
c. On the Full Moon of August 1971
d. 31 January 1968
Question 7. What does 'HEAT' mean ?
a. Indigenous slang for "WHERE'S HE AT?"
b. High Explosive Anti Tank
c. Highly Effective Anti Terrorist
d. Highly Efficient Airforce Tactics
Question 8. What country is on Vietnams western border ?
a. China
b. Tibet
c. Burma
d. Cambodia
Question 9. Australia's 1967 Prime Minister was?
a. Sir John Gorton
b. Sir William McMahon
c. Harold Holt
d. Absent Without Official Leave
Question 10. Who, or what, was 'Spooky'?
a. An aircraft
b. A cartoon character
c. An Alfred Hitchcock movie
d. A John Farnham song
Question 11. Where, or what, is 'the Horseshoe'?
a. On the Members' Bar wall at Flemington Racecourse
b. The shape of the earthquake zone in the Pacific Ocean
c. In Phuoc Tuy province
d. None of the above
Question 12. What was 'Bien Hoa' ?
a. A Vietnamese soup
b. Vietnamese for 'buffaloes halt!'
c. A province and large military base
d. The name of a bar in Vung Tau
Question 13. What name was given to the NVA & VC trail from North to South Vietnam?
a. Route 66
b. The Freedom Track
c. The Ho Chi Minh Trail
d. Highway 1

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