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Round 3
Question 1. What does 'DVA' stand for ?
a. Don't Violate Australia
b. Darwin Via Adelaide
c. Department of Veterans' Affairs
d. None of the above
Question 2. When was Australia discovered?
a. 1688
b. When Vasco da Gama was 23 years old
c. 99 years 8 months after Dirk Hartog lost it
d. None of the above
Question 3. What does 'GOLF' mean ?
a. The Golf of Mexico
b. An exasperating waste of time and money
c. God Only Lives Forever
d. None of the above
Question 4. Sir Donald  Bradman's batting average was?
a. 99.04
b. 99.59
c. Over 100
d. 99.94
Question 5. Who designed the Sydney Opera House ?
a. The makers of Lego
b. Joern Utzon
c. Yves Saint Laurent
d. A parliamentary committee chosen to redesign a tram stop shelter ?
Question 6. Where was Australia's first casino?
a. Melbourne
b. Adelaide
c. Sydney
d. Hobart
Question 7. The 1st  Australian-born Governor-General?
a. Viscount de L'Isle
b. Sir Isaac Isaacs
c. Sir John Kerr
d. Samuel Johnstone, Esq
Question 8. When was the Sydney Harbour Bridge completed ?
a. 1927
b. 29 February 1929
c. 1932
d. New Years Eve 1935
Question 9. Australia's 2013 Prime Minister was?
a. Kevin Rudd
b. Julia Gillard
c. Tony Abbott
d. All of the above
Question 10. The capital of Australia is ?
a. A part-time workplace for politicians
b. Sydney
c. Melbourne
d. None of the above
Question 11. When was decimal currency introduced to Australia ?
a. 1966
b. When all the sterling currency ran out
c. 1970 because it was a multiple of 10
d. When the banks opened on 20 December 1965
Question 12. What is Coober Pedy known for?
a. Gold
b. Uranium
c. Prehistoric fossils
d. Opals
Question 13. What is the name of Queensland's highest peak ?
a. Mount Gravatt
b. Mt Bartle Frere
c. Mt Isa
d. Mount Coot-tha

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