Medevac -
the skill of the pilots landing in confined areas was remarkable
Vietnam words & phrases
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Alpha Word, phrase, abbreviation Meaning, Translation, More Information, &c
A AK47 Kalashnikov 7.62mm automatic rifle with 30 round magazine. Very unfriendly.
  AO Area of Operations.
  APC M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier.
  ARVN Army of the Republic of Vietnam.
Often used as a noun to describe a number of South Vietnamese soldiers.
B BK Battery Captain.
C Charlie Viet Cong. Abbreviation from 'Victor Charlie' (see below).
  Chinook CH47 helicopter used for heavy transport.
  CP Command Post.
D DF Defensive Fire.
  DOW Died of Wounds.
  Dustoff Radio call requesting the helicopter ambulance.
F Firefly A team of 3 Huey helicopters; 1 equipped with powerful searchlights, the other 2 with mini-guns & rockets.
  FO Forward Observer.
  FSPB Fire Support Base.
G GPO Gun Position Officer.
H HE High Explosive.
  HEAT High Explosive Anti-Tank.
  Huey UH1 Iroquois helicopter
K KIA Killed in Action.
L Light fire team Two heavily armed helicopters.
M MAT Mobile Advisory Team.
  Medevac Removal from an area of operations due to wounds or illness.
  Mini-gun A 6-barrelled gun (Gattling type) capable of firing 6,000 7.62mm rounds per minute.
  mm millimetre.
  MP Military Police.
  MPC Military Payment Currency.
N NVA North Vietnamese Army.
O OC Officer Commanding.
P PF Popular Force. Applied to Vietnamese militia.
  PW (POW) Prisoner of War.
R RF Regional Force. Applied to Vietnamese militia.
  RNZIR Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment.
S Shadow An aircraft armed with 3 mini-guns which operated using no illumination, thus gaining an element of surprise.
  Skyspot A system in which a grid reference was bombed without the use of a spotter aircraft.
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A DC3 airplane equipped with 3 mini-guns, which, unlike Shadow, illuminated its target using powerful flares.
T TAOR Tactical Area of Responsibility.
V VC Viet Cong.
  Victor Charlie From the NATO phonetic alphabet for the abbreviation V C, i.e Viet Cong.
W WIA Wounded in Action.
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