Recommended reading for those interested in 4 RAR's involvement in Vietnam.
These books were written by serving members of 4 RAR/NZ ANZAC during its two tours of duty to South Vietnam. They provide a first-hand record of their experiences; their operational patrols; the often satirical humour that sustains morale ; the conditions in which they fought; the shared grief of the death of a mate; and through an array of images.
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4 RAR/NZ ANZAC 1st tour 1968-1969
4 RAR/NZ ANZAC 2nd tour 1971-1972

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4 RAR/NZ in Vietnam written by those who were there
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These hardcover books are available, in limited numbers, for the SALE price of $60 each plus postage of $15 each for 'Mission In Vietnam' and 'The Fighting Fourth'. These books make excellent gifts to family members, local schools and libraries, and broaden understanding within the community of the Battalion's proud history.
An ex-4 RAR veteran recalls his Vietnam War.
Darryl (Dog) Bishop, 5 Section, 8 Platoon, Charlie Company, 4 RAR, in 2018 in the opening lines of his book, 'Killing Babies' about his personal experiences as a National Serviceman in South Vietnam, wrote:
'I should not have been there. I should have been away droving on the Plains where the waters of the Condamine River overflow out of Queensland into New South Wales. Instead I was ushering my family's Humber Super Snipe estate wagon quietly towards Kapooka Army Camp just a few kilometers south-west of the large regional town of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales. It is nearly three in the afternoon of a cool,  clear Tuesday on the 7th of the 7th, 1970. The following day I was to start my two year stint as a National Serviceman.'
In the final chapter he wrote:
'I could see by the look in his eyes that the old man was extremely pleased to see me. We shook hands solidly. There was no hugging here; we Bishops didn't do that. ............ the old man and I walked down to the street towards Central Station  to collect my carry-all from the lockers there. As I fell in with my Dad, I automatically got into step beside him and as we marched along the paved Sydney street together I thought, "Yurken call me all the names yuh effenwell like, Australia, but there's one thing yur can't take from me. Like my old man here beside me, I am a returned Digger and on top of that, I am an ANZAC".   Of that I was very proud, but little did I know at the time, I may well have been finished with the war, but my battles had only just begun?'

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