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The Fighting Fourth
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4 RAR Association, Western Australia
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4 RAR Colours

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The Fighting Fourth

   The Fighting Fourth, our national newsletter, ably presented by the 4 RAR Assoc, Qld continues to keep us up to date with news of our comrades and events across the country. The national web site at enhances this by enabling the dissemination of the latest news to members; another great innovation by the Qld association. I will endeavour to give you a report on the current situation regarding the issue of The Fighting Fourth at the luncheon. The situation outlined in the latest newsletter from me remains.
Remember by buying tickets raffle tickets you help pay for the newsletter and any surplus is returned to the WA Association. (Raffle money and butts should be returned to Qld Assoc, not to us).  

If you change your address or contact details, let the secretary know and he will amend our data base and then inform the Qld Branch. This is important as I cannot currently do group mailings by email due to too many incorrect email addresses. It is particularly important to advise changes to email addresses as The Fighting Fourth is now transmitted electronically to those with email addresses and by snail mail to financial members.

   If you do hear about something of interest to us all, let us know and I will pass it on.


Subscriptions for 2010 ($10) are now due and should be sent to the treasurer, Mrs Jeannie Clarke at 6 Yulan Close, Greenwood, WA 6024. We do not send out receipts but all money is receipted by Jeannie and your payment is recorded on the membership register. Please make cheques or money orders payable to “4 RAR Assoc, WA”. Failure by members to pay annual subscriptions will result in members not receiving The Fighting Fourth, but you will be kept on the members list and receive our WA notices as normal but hounded until you do become financial Full Members.

For information about joining the 4 RAR Association, WA contact 
The Secretary, Tony Fletcher
4 RAR Association, WA
33/22 Third Ave
email :      [08] 9582 9436 or 0402 591 835
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News about the 4 RAR Association, WA is incorporated in the national newsletter, The Fighting Fourth.
We encourage all members to visit the national website at to keep abreast of the latest news concerning their association, and matters relating to interstate 4 RAR Associations.